Be a responsible user

Quizwhiz endeavors to conduct online real-money quizzes in a disciplined way to promote its app users' interest. Responsible use requires quizzing in a disciplined manner that does not harm the financial and mental condition of the users.

Following are the guidelines you should follow as a safe and responsible user:

The Do's and Don'ts

  • Quizwhiz requests the users to refrain from entering contests with borrowed money, etc.
  • The users should avoid participating in a contest when in a foul mood, because this could affect their performance, this may possibly result in losing the contests.
  • We advice the users to take a break and pause quizzing for a while if they have been losing contests continuously.
  • In case of continuous defeats, the users should avoid chasing losses and not try to recoup the losses in contests with higher stakes.
  • The users are encouraged to always set deposit limits while quizzing so that they never stake more than they can afford.
  • No part of Quizwhiz and its offerings are meant to attract or use by minor persons under 18 years of age.