A quizzing platform that rewards

Quizwhiz™ is a skill-based quizzing platform that makes quizzing experiences rewarding. As a freemium app, Quizwhiz offers both free-to-enter and paid quiz contests to its users.

These contests are carefully structured to value the skill, knowledge, speed, and adroitness of the users and this puts the users in control of their odds of winning the prize monies. This means that our users either win or learn.

Quizwhiz has been created with a mission to make quizzing more inclusive, more exciting, and more rewarding.

Quizwhiz is founded and owned by
Urbanplay Entertainment Private Limited.
Proudly developed in India for India and beyond.
Corporate Contact
Urbanplay Entertainment Private Limited
27 Godown Street
Chennai 600001


Reach us at qw@urbanplay.co.in or +91-91762007087